July 20, 2024

Canada is no doubt a home of opportunities. The country’s thriving economy doesn’t only give room for international students, but they also provide opportunities for immigrants who are seeking career advancement into the country. In case you are interested in working in Canada and you need a guide to provide you with necessary information, you are in the right place.

Over the past few days, my team and I have been writing content about Jobs you can do in Canada and also ways to apply. However in this content, we will be providing you with an insight about how to easily relocate to Canada and work as a food manager.

Food managers play a crucial role in restaurants and other places they serve food. Their role is to make sure the consumer experiences quality service. Since there are many restaurants in Canada, obviously the job of a food manager is competitive and securing one might not be Easy.

Although I just said securing a food manager job in Canada might not be easy, I’m not saying it’s impossible. With this guide, I can assure you that your chances of securing the job might be increased as we have provided information that will definitely help your course.

Easy Relocation To Canada As Food Manager 2025


Each occupation listed on the Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC) comes with a specific immigration code. For individuals seeking to relocate to Canada as a Food Service Manager, the corresponding code is 0631. Notably, this code also applies to individuals in the role of Restaurant Managers. As a food manager, you can work at one of theses roles:

  • Assistant Food Service Manager
  • Assistant Manager – Bar
  • Catering Service Manager
  • Food Services Manager
  • Beverage Service Manager
  • Cafeteria Manager
  • Canteen Manager
  • Canteen Services Manager
  • Banquet Manager
  • Tea Room Manager
  • Cyber Food Service Manager
  • Food Service Manager Trainee
  • Dining Room Manager
  • Fast Food Food Service Manager
  • Food and Beverage Service Manager
  • Hotel Food and Beverage Service Manager
  • Dining Establishment Managing Supervisor
  • Internet Food Service Manager
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager
  • Canteen Service District Manager
  • Restaurateur – Food Services

Requirements To work As A Food Manager In Canada


  • One of the most important requirements is that applicants must have completed a college or a relevant program in hospitality or food and beverage service.
  • Must have gained enough experience in the food service sector, which includes mandatory supervisory experience.
  • Managers overseeing establishments serving alcoholic beverages generally need to possess responsible beverage service certification.
  • Culinary Arts: you must hone your culinary skills to a great level.
  • Language Proficiency: since communication is required, you need to be able to Demonstrate your language proficiency in English or French through standardized language tests like IELTS or CELPIP.

How To Get A Food Manager Job In Canada


  • Check online job boards, professional networks, and maybe recruitment agencies to find potential employers.
  • Ready your resume , cover letter and make sure to include information like your skills, expertise, and passion for the culinary industry.
  • Attend Job fairs to network with potential employers.
  • Stay connected with friends in Canada in order to know if there is an employment opening available.

Initiate the Express Entry Process:

1. Create an Express Entry Profile: Gather  and submit an online profile That includes all details about your education, work history, language proficiency, and other pertinent information.

2. Take an English Language Test: After creating an express entry profile, proceed to Demonstrate your language proficiency by taking the IELTS or CELPIP test. You need a higher test score for a higher chance.

3. Educational Credentials Assessment: Submit your educational qualifications to a designated organization so as for them to ensure it’s  aligned with Canadian standards.

4. Submit your Express Entry Application: After checking the eligibility requirements, proceed to submitting your application and make payments the required processing fee.

5. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA): If your overall score is competitive, apply for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) which will give you a chance to proceed with your permanent residency application.

6. Submit the Complete Application: Ensure you Provide all necessary documents and make sure you meet up with  any additional conditions within the stipulated time frame.

7. Permanent Residency Visa Issuance: The final step of relocation is the collection of permanent residency visas.  This visa will grant you the chance to immigrate to Canada.


Seeking career advancement to Canada can be a daunting process as securing a visa might not be easy, but Canada definitely lives up to its name as the home of opportunities. Amidst the types of jobs you can do there is the food manager job which comes with a satisfactory salary. For more information about this content, please scroll up.

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