July 18, 2024

Do you want to get some money urgently in Nigeria but do not have a BVN? Worry no more, as I introduce you to the best loan apps without BVN in Nigeria. Read through the details of this post to choose the app that will best meet your needs.

Mobile loan apps come as saviors in times of dire financial needs. They are faster and more reliable than traditional banks because you will be credited immediately after applying. In 2014, the Federal Government of Nigeria represented by the CBN directed that all bank customers must be given a BVN. This makes it difficult to perform any form of banking transactions without it.

It will interest you to know that some mobile apps are still in the business of loaning money to people without BVN. read this article to see some of them.

What Are Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria?


Loan apps as we all know are lending platforms that give instant cash to customers without having to go through long processes as it is with conventional banks. Most loan apps do not have physical offices hence all transactions are done online. The borrower is usually given a deadline to repay the loan with interest.

The interest is determined by the app and the amount of money borrowed. When registering with a loan app, you will be asked to fill out some of your personal details including name, address, a passport photograph, a means of identification, Bank Verification Number (BVN), and so on.

Therefore, loan apps without BVN in Nigeria are those apps that allow you to borrow money with their mobile app without asking for your Bank Verification Number. Hence, if you are a Nigerian who for some reason does not have the mandated BVN, you can still get instant loans to solve your immediate financial needs.

Are There Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria?


Yes, there are lots of popular loan apps in Nigeria where you can get the money you want without a BVN. Moreso, these apps give you good loan amounts with a convenient repayment period. Let’s see some of them as we proceed to the next section.

Best Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria


Below are some instant loan apps in Nigeria where you do not necessarily need to fill out your BVN when applying.

  1. FairMoney App
  2. OKash
  3. Carbon
  4. GoCash
  5. Quickteller
  6. PalmCredit
  7. ALAT by Wema
  8. JumiaPay
  9. Aella Credit
  10. GTBank Loan App


FairMoney is a popular loan app in Nigeria. It has been in existence for quite a good number of years, This has helped to boost the confidence of customers that the platform is genuine and not a scam. With this app, you can get up to ₦300,000 loan within 5 minutes of applying and it will be sent directly to your FairMoney account.

The interest rate for any amount borrowed is 2% which makes it one of the best interest rates in the online loan business. It also has a very convenient repayment plan. The mobile app has a user-friendly interface hence it is easy to use. To get a loan from FairMoney, simply download the app, fill out your details to open an account, click on “Get A Loan”, follow the prompts to fill out an application form and in a few minutes, you will get the money.


OKash is another loan app without BVN in Nigeria. It is owned by OPay Digital Services Limited. With this app, you can get up to ₦50,000 instant loans without going through a long application process. It is easy to use however, its interest rates are high. Okash gives you a 10% to 24% interest rate per month depending on the amount borrowed. Interestingly, the loan is durable for up to 60 days.


GoCash is characterized by a high-interest rate and a long repayment time. It requires no BVN and service charges; however, its interest rate is 33%. So, if you borrow a ₦20,000 loan for a period of 120 days, you get to pay an interest of more than ₦5,000 monthly as interest. And you are expected to pay up the capital before the 120 days expire.


You can get a minimum of ₦2,000 and a maximum of ₦100,000 with PalmCredit without a BVN. It is an online lending platform hence you can apply for the loan by simply downloading it and filling out the application form. The interest rate varies with the amount of money borrowed but it is usually between 4% to 24% and you are given a loan duration period of up to 6 months.

GTBank Loan App

This is the official loan app of the Guarantee Trust Bank in Nigeria. It is a full-fledged bank that has been in operation for many years. The mobile app is used for borrowing money among other functions like paying bills, transferring funds, account management, etc. And you can borrow up to #300,000 naira with this app. It is easy to use and can be done from the comfort of your home.


Carbon is another mobile banking app that offers you loans without BVN in Nigeria. With this app, you can get a loan of as low as ₦1,500 and as much as ₦150,000. Its interest rate is between 1.75% and 30% depending on the amount borrowed. The app is easy to use and you get paid in a few minutes after applying for it. The most interesting feature of this app, however, is that it gives a repayment duration of up to 64 weeks.


Apart from the fact that the Quickteller loan app does not require a BVN, you also do not need any collateral to get a loan from them. The loan amount that it offers to every individual depends on your credit history hence, its interest rate varies from one customer to the other depending on the amount. Getting a loan here is easy, direct, and fast.

ALAT By Wema

This is a digital payment app that offers up to ₦2,000,000 loans without BVN in Nigeria. It also does not need collateral or any form of paperwork because all transactions are done online. Payments are made directly to your bank account within a few minutes of applying. To apply for this loan, simply download the mobile app and follow the prompts to register before you begin your application.

Are Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria Safe?


Yes, loan apps without BVN are safe. However, you must be careful to only transact with reliable and reputable apps. Ensure that you carry out a check on the legitimacy of any digital payment platform before you let out your information because this is one of the ways that scammers get your details.

Why Do Loan Companies In Nigeria Require BVN?


BVN means Bank Verification Number. It is an 11-digit number that is given to every bank customer in line with the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014. This number is linked to all your bank accounts in the country thereby helping to curtail financial fraud. Below are some reasons why the BVN is important and why loan companies require it.

  • It provides the database that is used to verify the identity of each customer thereby reducing fraud.
  • It helps to easily access all your bank accounts from one place.
  • It is a means of identification for other purposes aside from banking.

How Can I Get A BVN In Nigeria?


You can get a BVN by visiting any bank in Nigeria where you have an account. You will be asked to provide your biometric information, means of identification, a recent passport-size photograph, and some other documents.


Now you can see that it is possible to get a loan even when you are yet to get a BVN. All you need is to access any of the loan apps without BVN in Nigeria as we have shown you in this article.

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