July 18, 2024

Do you have a bad credit score but need to get a quick loan? Don’t worry, I will introduce you to the top 30 apps in Kenya without CRB check. I know this will bring a smile to your face, so let’s get started.

With the rise of mobile loan apps, Kenyans with low credit scores can now access loans from the comfort of their home thereby undermining the high credit score requirement of traditional banks and Loan services. As easy as getting a loan from mobile loan apps could be, they all have a common drawback. And that is the CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) requirement.

The good news, however, is that some loan apps give quick loans in Kenya without CRB check. This means that you can use them even with your low credit score. Join us as we unravel the details of some of the most prominent ones in this article.

What Does CRB Check Mean?


The acronym CRB stands for Credit Reference Bureau. It is a body established by the government of Kenya to monitor the conduct of borrowers. This is to help credit providers solve the problems of non-performing loans and the risk of having many defaulters.

The record of every borrower is kept with the bureau hence any approved loan company or creditor can access them before issuing a loan. By implication, if you are a borrower with a bad credit history, accessing a loan will become difficult. There are currently three CRBs in Kenya where the records of users are kept. They are Creditinfo, Transunion, and Metropol. Therefore lenders will always check your status with any of these before approving your loan.

What Are Loan Apps Without CRB Check In Kenya?


Loan apps in Kenya without CRB checks are those loan companies that the Central Bank of Kenya has prohibited from accessing CRB records. This is because of several occasions where they’ve abused the records and do not obey the regulations of the Kenyan government. So if you have bad credit, look for any of these companies and get a loan. Don’t worry, you don’t have to search too much because we have listed them in this article.

Below is a list of some of the loan apps that do not require CRB checks in Kenya.

  1. Okash
  2. Branch
  3. Mokash
  4. Carbon
  5. Afrika
  6. Fair Branch
  7. Fair Money
  8. Kano Loan
  9. LionCash
  10. Loans Chap Chap.
  11. Dolax Loan
  12. Kashway
  13. Investor
  14. Top Loan Lender
  15. Kenya Quick Loan.
  16. Zash Loan.
  17. Investor
  18. Craft Loan App
  19. Kava Personal Loan.
  20. iPesa
  21. Zenka
  22. Kua
  23. Pesa Flash
  24. Saida
  25. Fintech Loan
  26. Usawa App.
  27. Upazi Loan.
  28. i-Save Mobile
  29. Mshiko Chap.
  30. Lendi Mkopo.


This is a reputable loan company in Kenya. With OKash, you can borrow up to KSh 70,000. The good thing about this is that all the loan application processes are done online through the company’s mobile app or the use of a USSD code. The app can be downloaded on Google Play Store or App Store.

Most importantly, OKash does not check your status with CRB. Rather it uses your phone data to determine your creditworthiness. The loan approval process takes just a few minutes hence you will be credited almost immediately.

Branch Loan

Branch has been credited as one of the best loan apps based in Kenya. It offers its customers access to quick loans between KSh 250 to KSh 70,000 with lots of interesting features. Its interest rate is competitive and the loan is done on the mobile app of the company. You will be credited in 5 minutes after applying because it does not carry out a CRB check.


Like others, OKash is another loan app in Kenya without CRB checks. This company has locations in different parts of Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, and so on and their services are reliable. It gives quick loans up to KSh 50,000 without requiring collateral or any form of paperwork.

Interestingly, its interest rates are not so much. It also has various repayment plans that can be chosen from while making your payment. It is so convenient for use as the mobile app has a user-friendly interface.


Like others, the owners of Mokash do not check your data with CRB rather, they use the data on your phone to check your creditworthiness. So when registering and applying for a loan from this company, you will be asked to provide certain information including your phone number which will be used in the process. Mokash gives instant loans up to KSh 30,000 at a very considerable interest rate of between 3% and 20%.

Fair Money

Fair Money is another loan app in Kenya without CRB check. It is a genuine company that has been in existence for over a decade and has truly served humanity. It gives quick loans in a few minutes after applications and has a good repayment plan. The drawback of this app, however, is that its interest rates are quite high and the method of demanding repayment is tacky.

Tala Loans

The fact that Tala has a quick loan approval process makes it stand out as one of the best loan platforms in Kenya. This is coupled with the fact that it also does not check your CRB status. It has existed in the country for a long time and has a good review from customers.

Fintech Loans

Fintech is fairly a new loan app in Kenya and also falls into the group of loan apps without CRB checks. It offers quick loans through its mobile app has a user-friendly interface and funds are disbursed almost immediately after applying for the loan.

Kenya Quick Loan

Like its name, this is an online loan company that offers quick loans to individuals to meet their immediate needs. It has a fair interest rate and a good repayment plan. It also approves loans immediately because there are no CRB checks. You can borrow up to KSh 30,000 from this company.

Are Loan Apps In Kenya Without CRB Check Safe?


Yes, those apps are safe as many of them have been licensed to operate and have good reviews from customers. Hence, you can be rest assured that your information is safe with them. However, it is important to be very careful when working with loan apps hence, it is safer to read through the privacy information and other terms and conditions of the apps before you get started. See how to choose the right loan app without CRB check below.

How To Choose The Right Loan App Without CRB Check


Before opting to get a loan from any loan app without CRB check in Kenya, consider the following factors

  • Eligibility Criteria: ensure to look through the eligibility criteria for getting a loan from the company. Sometimes, too easy criteria could spell doom in the end.
  • Privacy Policy: read and understand the privacy policy of the loan app to get a clue on how your information will be used.
  • Loan Amount: also consider how much the company is willing to offer so as not to be taken unaware at the end.
  • Interest Rate: ensure to compare the interest rates of various companies. This is because most of these companies are geared toward profit-making hence have exorbitant interest rates.
  • Also, read and understand the repayment plan and period of the company.
  • Customer Reviews: it is very important to know what customers are saying about a particular company. You can read these reviews on social media, Google Play Store, App Store, and so on.


We can see that there are many loan apps in Kenya without CRB checks. They are safe to use but have varying loan terms. Hence, it is advised to carefully study each one of them before opting to open an account with them. Loan.

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