July 20, 2024

Are you interested in the Cup Loan Program but want to know its details before applying? Are you one of those asking “What is the interest rate of the Cup Loan Program?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want you to sit back, relax, and read this very insightful article to the end. Every information that you seek to know about the interest rates of the program is embedded here. So, let’s get straight into it without wasting more time.

The Cup Loan Program has one of the lowest interest rates you can ever get in the United States. More interesting, is the fact that you will be given a long time to repay the loan. The loan repayment time could take up to 40 years in some cases. This sounds too good to be true, right? Let me tell you what the Cup Loan Program is all about in the next paragraph as we proceed to answer the question “What is the interest rate on a Cup Loan Program”?

What Is A Cup Loan Program All About?


As its name implies, the Cup Loan program is a loan scheme that gives high loan amounts to individuals and corporate organizations for the financing of public facility projects. Unlike many other loan schemes that you have come across, this is not a commercial loan as it is a program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). All you have to do is check out its eligibility criteria as will be shown to you in the course of this article.

If you are qualified for it, apply to the departments by filling out the application forms and submitting all necessary documents. The officials will scrutinize them and approve the loan if need be and the funds will be disbursed to your account. And as we have emphasized, the loan comes at certain interest rates. See them in the next paragraph.

What Is The Interest Rate On A Cup Loan Program?


As we have emphasized over and again in this article, the interest rate on the Cup Loan is very low especially when compared to what you will get when other conventional and commercial loans. However, it does not have the same interest rate for everyone applying for the loan. That is to say, the interest rates for the loan vary from one loan seeker to the other. The variation is dependent on several factors which we are going to look at in the next paragraph.

Nonetheless, the interest rate is in three categories. They are:

Poverty: If the standard of living in the area where your facility is located is far below the poverty line, your interest rate will be lower. The current interest rate for such cases is 2.375%.

Intermediate: the current interest rate on your loan will be 3.125% if the middle household income of your area is intermediate according to the grading of the department.

Market: there is also another interest rate for those projects or facilities with high market value. Hence, after checking through your documents and you fall into this group, your interest rate will be 3.875%. Note that these are the current interest rates but are bound to increase or decrease with time.

Interest Rate On A Cup Loan Program For Individuals


It will interest you to know that the interest rates for the Cup Loan Program for individuals are the same as what has been outlined and explained above. This is because the loan is only available to individuals who are owners of public facilities.

Hence, they are required to meet all the eligibility criteria that other corporate organizations applying for the same loan are to meet. So, if you are an individual who is qualified for the loan, go through the interest rates above to know what rate will apply to you.

Factors That Determine The Interest Rate On A Cup Loan Program


We stated earlier that the interest rate for the Cup Loan is not uniform for everyone. Several factors are considered when calculating the rates for every loan seeker. See some of those determining factors below.

Median Household Income:

The first and most used factor for determining the interest rates of the loan is the Middle Household income of the area where the facility is located. In other words, the lower the standard of living of the people living in the area where the facility is located, the lower your interest rates. Hence, if they are far below the poverty line or 80% of the state metropolitan median household income, your interest rate would most likely be 2.375% according to the current rates. If higher, your interest rate will also be higher.

Project’s Income:

The interest rates of the Cup Loan Program are also determined by the income that the project in question generates. In this case, the interest rate is not static throughout the life of the project. hence, as its income decreases, the interest rates on it will also decrease.

Energy Efficiency Standard:

Your local USDA Rural Development Office will also state-specific energy efficiency standards that your project should meet. If it meets these standards, your interest rates will further be reduced by 1%. Failure to meet them does not attract any penalty or increase in the interest rates.

What Are The Requirements For Cup Loan Program?


The following are some of the requirements for the Cup Loan Program:

  • Must be a public facility located in a rural area with a population of not more than 20,000.
  • A letter of intent describing your project, its scope, cost, location, etc.
  • An architectural report of your project
  • An engineering report on the details of the project’s site.
  • A feasibility report describing your ability to repay the loan, etc.

How To Apply For Cup Loan Program?


To apply for the Cup Loan Program, visit your local USDA Rural Development office. You will be guided through all required documents as well as the application stages. You can also apply online via the USDA online portal or send in your application package through an email.



So far, we have succeeded in answering the question “What is the interest rate on a Cup Loan Program?” It was explained that the rates vary from one project to the other. The variation is determined by factors such as middle household income, energy efficiency standards, and project income. We went further to show you the current interest rates. So, do well to go through all of it before you send in your application.

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