July 20, 2024

The ancient city of Kano is gripped with tension as two prominent emirs, Aminu Bayero and Muhammadu Sanusi II, have both announced their intentions to lead the Jumaat prayers at the Palace Central Mosque.

This development has heightened the already simmering rivalry between the two leaders.

According to a report by the Daily Post, an aide of Emir Bayero released a statement inviting Kano residents to join him for the Juma’at prayer at the Emir’s Palace Friday Mosque, with the procession scheduled to commence at 12:30 pm.

Simultaneously, Emir Sanusi, whose palace is near the contentious mosque, also declared his intention to lead the two rakat Friday prayers.

A statement signed by Danburan Kano, Munir Sanusi Bayero, detailed Emir Sanusi’s plans to conduct the prayers, with the announcement made on Thursday night.

The conflict over the Kano Emirship stems from a decision by the Kano House of Assembly to repeal a law that established five emirates. This move led to Aminu Bayero’s appointment as Emir of Kano, ostensibly reinstating Sanusi and deposing Bayero.

Despite a federal high court order directing the state government not to enforce the Emirate Council Repeal Law 2024, the Kano government, led by Governor Abba Yusuf, proceeded with Bayero’s appointment. Amid the upheaval, Bayero relocated to a palace in Nassarawa Local Government Area, while Sanusi remained at Kofar Kudu.

The subsequent arrest order for Bayero by the Kano governor saw the police adhering to the court’s directive, maintaining the status quo until the legal matters are resolved.

As tensions escalate, the police have yet to issue a statement regarding the impending congregation of the two Emirs at the same mosque, heightening concerns among residents about potential clashes or confrontations. The situation remains volatile as Kano braces for what could be a pivotal moment in the city’s rich history.

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