July 21, 2024

In an exciting development, Nigerians will soon have access to a versatile three-in-one identity card, as confirmed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

This innovative card, set to be available by August, will integrate identity, financial, and social services functions into a single card for all citizens.

An insider from the implementation team, who requested anonymity, shared this update during an exclusive interview with Saturday PUNCH. The source highlighted the commission’s dedicated efforts to meet the launch timeline, noting that the project is progressing as planned.

“We initially targeted July, but there have been minor delays. However, we are optimistic about completing the rollout between July and August. If any changes occur, we will inform the public promptly,” the official said.

Elaborating on the process, the official explained, “Deploying new technology involves multiple steps. We need to configure the card, set up the outlets, and ensure the wallet functions correctly. Testing is currently underway.”

The rollout also includes establishing a scalable service portal and integrating the card with various banks, ensuring smooth functionality. “We are committed to meeting our target and are working diligently to achieve it,” the official added.

On April 5, 2024, NIMC, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Inter-bank Settlement System, announced the launch of the new card. This card comes with enhanced payment capabilities and social service features, aiming to provide comprehensive identity solutions and streamline access to various services.

The card will function as a bank-enabled National ID card, a social intervention card, and offer an optional ECOWAS National Biometric Identity Card. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance service delivery, offering innovative, cost-effective, and competitive solutions to Nigerian citizens.

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