July 18, 2024

Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has addressed reports concerning the N105,000 minimum wage allegedly proposed to the tripartite committee established by the Federal Government.

During an interaction with journalists at the tripartite committee meeting held in Abuja on Thursday, Ajaero clarified that no specific amount had been presented to them during their closed-door session.

It was however, observed during the meeting that all committee members, including Minister of State for Labour Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, initially met in a closed session for approximately three hours.

Following this, the committee divided into separate groups for further discussions. Wale Edun, the committee chairman, and members of the Organized Private Sector (OPS) departed, while Onyejeocha continued discussions with labor leaders.

Ajaero, appearing optimistic, commented, “The committee is still deliberating. Once they conclude, Nigerians will be informed.”

When asked if any figures had been presented, he responded, “Not yet.”

Regarding the anticipated figure, Ajaero stated, “No figures have been presented to the committee yet. The proposal will be made to the committee at large.”

He further explained, “They are currently in session. Once they finish, they will present the proposal to the entire committee for discussion. We hope for a positive outcome by tomorrow (Friday). Information regarding the N105,000 is not officially or unofficially before us. Our stance remains unchanged as nothing has been presented to us yet.”

Ajaero concluded, “Until it is officially disclosed, we cannot confirm the government’s position.”

When journalists inquired about the meeting’s outcome, Onyejeocha stated, “You will receive updates once discussions are finalized. We will communicate our conclusions when we are done.”

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