July 20, 2024

In a surprising shift from his usual stance on immigration, former President Donald Trump has proposed that foreign graduates of U.S. colleges should automatically receive green cards.

This proposal was shared during an episode of the All-In podcast released on June 20.

This new stance by Trump contrasts sharply with his earlier, more restrictive immigration policies. His announcement comes in the wake of President Joe Biden’s recent policy, which offers a pathway to citizenship for immigrants married to U.S. citizens, amid efforts to tighten control over illegal border crossings.

Trump outlined his vision on the podcast, stating, “Graduates should receive a green card along with their diploma, allowing them to stay in the country.” This plan would extend to all college graduates, from those completing two-year programs to those earning doctoral degrees.

Addressing the issue of retaining talent in the U.S., Trump affirmed, “I am committed to ensuring that we attract and keep the best and brightest.” He pointed out that many graduates from prestigious institutions face hurdles in remaining in the U.S. “They end up returning to their home countries, like India or China, starting successful companies there and creating thousands of jobs,” Trump explained.

He criticized the current immigration system’s impact on American businesses, arguing that it hampers the ability to secure top talent. “These restrictions will end on my first day in office,” Trump promised.

During his presidency from 2017 to 2021, Trump was known for his strict immigration policies, including the construction of a border wall with Mexico and a travel ban affecting several predominantly Muslim countries.

Trump’s comments come shortly after President Biden’s initiative to relax visa rules for about half a million spouses of U.S. citizens, making it easier for them to gain citizenship.

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