July 20, 2024

Dave Umahi, minister of infrastructure and housing, has expressed regret to ministry employees.

After the minister locked out several staff members for arriving late to work on Thursday, there was a protest at the federal ministry of works and housing in Abuja.

Some directors and employees were not allowed access to their respective offices because Umahi arrived at the ministry’s compound earlier than they did in the morning.

Umahi apologized to ministry personnel in front of the demonstrators for excluding them from the ministry.

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“I would come to work and see workers coming to work by 12 O’clock, by 1 O’clock. I have had to send some of them to the permanent secretary to talk to them,” Umahi said.

“Just a week ago, I called all the directors and said to them: ‘Without discipline, it is difficult’. I come to work and ask for files, some of the staff are not yet in the office to provide the files.

“By 3 O’clock I ask for files, some of the workers would have left. I cannot do without you, and you cannot do without me.

“Today I came to work by 9:30 am. I had a number of files to transmit and not up to 5 percent of the workers were in.

“I told the head of human resources that I need to get the attention of the workers; I needed to come and address you at the gate then I saw you started doing friendly game like a fight.

“When you treat people under you well, it is not a favour to them, it is a favour to yourself. Because whatever you sow is what you reap.

“If you were offended this morning, I offer apologies to you.

“You have to support me; I am not fighting for myself. You have to support me to demand that when we pay contractors, they should respect us.

“We are together and I want to assure you that I love you. I want you to be on my side. Let us fight this battle together and it is a battle that we must win.

“We must reset this country. This is the agenda of the renewed hope of Mr. President.”

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